quinta-feira, 19 de julho de 2012

Tron Bonne

Here is some mega man legends fan art, it's Tron Bonne, my favorite character, well my older version of her anyway. I was doing this for the mega man tribute contest, but ended up missing the date, I had only a sketch, but I finally took the courage to finish it.

Uma história de amor e furia!

In 2010 I worked in this movie as Background artist! It's good to know that it's finally coming out next year, and for those going to animamundi there will be a making of playing there!

Dat Ice

I did myself looking like the gut from that ass meme!
Don't really know why I did this but it seemed like a funny idea at the time!

Redes Sociais

Some work I did for the journalism program "Camera Record", these characters would later be animated into various situations! 

You can watch the program here:

The White Elephant

Now this was pretty fun, I decided to take an old character of mine and tryout a new version of him, and this is what I came up with. The first drawing is the old one! I made the second one after watching the Dave Rapoza class on schoolism.com


Here I was trying to paint some volume in a cartoon style character!

1 Carnaval de distorções

Some concepts and designs, for a indie game I was involved with, called "1 Carnaval de distorções"


Some concepts for an animation project!

Thumbs and Matte Painting for Rei Davi

Here are some initial thumbs, and later matte painting that were used in making the opening of the mini-series "Rei Davi".

Here is the final version of the opening:
Abertura Rei Davi

A girl with a katana

Katanas and girls! I love 'em!

quarta-feira, 18 de julho de 2012


That's me! With a sword!

Rei Davi

Here some concepts for the mini-series "Rei Davi"

Monster Boy

Some designs, for my character, the monster boy!

Vidas em jogo

This is the storyboard I did for the soap opera "vidas em jogo", my first work for television. 

And here is the final version of the opening:
Abertura - Vidas em Jogo


Here are some designs ideas for Manfred, a comic book character that my friend Ricardo de Brito created!


Drew this for a great friend!


These images are my first tryouts at concept art! I made them using corel painter! Note that I tryed to sign them both, but later I stoped cause I didn't like my signature!