quarta-feira, 5 de dezembro de 2012

Drawing for comics workshop

I'm doing a workshop called "drawing for comics"by Tim Mcburnie at Cgsociety. I'm liking it so far, and learning tons of stuff I hadn't bought before, so here are my assignments for the first weeks, I had to do an influence map, and actually it was fun to think about the artists that influenced me the most, also it was hard to make then all fit in an image, of course I had to let some out. And also there are some sketches and thumbs I've made!

Gesture Drawing

Here are some of my attempts at gesture drawing, I've made these in my tuesday classes! I'll keep on it till I get better!

terça-feira, 16 de outubro de 2012

Character Design for Balacobaco

Here are some designs I made for the intro of the soap opera Balacobaco. The Idea was to create characters tha could be animated resembling the style of the artist Banksy, like the animated graffitis of Muto. So we had an idea ot two characters messing with one another in a classic pink panther or road runer style, so for that I created a cute female and cruel villain.

And here is how the intro turned out, the animation were made by split filmes, and compositions, sequences everything by the creative team in rede record.

sábado, 29 de setembro de 2012

Assassin's Creed Quilombo

Here is a concept I've made for an Assassin's Creed contest, despicting a scene if Assassin's Creed were to occour in Brasil.

segunda-feira, 17 de setembro de 2012

Time Samplers Character Design

For quite some time I had the opportunity to work with my friend Thomas Gorence, in his comic called Time Samplers and I could design some of the characters, some of them where fictional and others based on historical figures, this made the job very exciting, so here are the designs I came up with.










Alexander Graham Bell:

John D Rockefeller:

J. P. Morgan:

 So, if want to have a look on how it turned out you can visit the official website,  Time Samplers.

domingo, 9 de setembro de 2012


Here was an idea I developed for a comic contest. It would be a comedy very much like Akira Toriyama's Dr. Slump!